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DotaKeys is free, open-source utility for Warcraft III mode DotA:Allstars. With it, u can:

Change skills & commands of every hero to the same.
Remap items to another, more convient hotkeys
Simulate ALT press, so you dont need to push it everytime you want to see health bars
Setup 4 "Quick Messages" to keys F3-F6.
Change "Base keys" with editor.

Screenshot Click To Enlarge.


Warcraft3 - Dota hotkeys - By Dane

1. Install AutoHotKey.
2. After you picked your Hero Ingame just go and Click on the script of that Hero.
  Example: Ingame Hero: Queen of Pain-> Click on "Sentinel Heroes"->
  "7. Scourge - Evening Tavern - Queen of Pain" and it works.

3. Script/Hotkeys are activated now.

Q= S / Stop
W= H / Hold
E= A / Attack
R= O / Hero Abilities

A= First Spell
S= Second Spell
D= Third Spell
F= Ulti
G= Extra Spell

c = itembox - up - first
v = itembox - up - second
y = itembox - middle - first
x = itembox - middle - second

Download (Rapidshare)
Download (Easy-share)

Warcraft3 Hp Viewer

Warcraft3 Hitpoints (Hp) allows you to see HP of you and your opponents  without pressing ALT key like mad whole game. lol

Dowload (Rapidshare)

Dowload (Easy-Share)

Warcraft3 1.21b No-cd crack

Allows you to run warcraft without cd...

Download (Rapidshare)
Download (Easy-Share)

Warcraft B.net 1.22 Loader by Keres

Warcraft1.22 is a B.net loader which allows you to connect Battle.net PvPGNServers without having original CD-Key of WarcraftIII.

Note: This loader only works with Private PvPGN server such as. Eurobattle.net etc.

Link :Download(Easy-Share)Warcraft ReplaySeeker 0.6

Hi. This tool should help you to manipulate the replay playback.

Authors: Danat & DonTomaso


* You can change the speed of the replay from 1/32x to 31x or make it run "as fast as possible".
*You can specify the position in the replay that you want to reach, andReplay Seeker will quickly fast-forward replay to that position,pausing the replay when done and playing a sound (to notify you). Notethat this works while Warcraft is minimized, which allows you to dosomething else during the process (like browsing the forums).
*Rewinding is supported but by restarting the replay and thenfast-forwarding to the specified position, so it's not an actualrewind. You can always check whether the replay will be restarted ornot by looking at the” sync solution" field.


Since this program is written in C#, you need to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer (see link below).


Some programs install FW2.0 automatically in order for them to work, so you might already have it installed on your PC.

• Warcraft Version Switcher

WarcraftVersionSwitcher allows you to use multiple version wihtout installing multiple copies of warcraft.

In this switcher you can change only 1.22 and 1.21b
But you can add more version in this by putting other version files in it.


Warcraft Fixer

Allows you to make warcraft registry just by entering your warcraft installed path like e:\dota\war3.exe


Dota Allstar 6.53 Official AI map (Bots/Computer PlayerS)


• Lesco Warcraft Toolkit - LwT,  is a pack of utilites which conatins:-

1.Hp (Hitpoints) Viewer.
2.Disables desktop switching keys like: WindowsKeys, Alt+tab etc.
3.Battle.net server status/ping tool.
4.Allows you to make registries entries.
5.And the most useful thing of this toolkit is INVENTORY HOTKEYS you can change your inventory hot keys to any key.

Download (Rapidshare)
Download (Easy-Share)
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