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Download Garena Client Installer
 English Version DownloadMirror1 Mirror2
Zip Install Version(All language) Download (For Cafe/Limited Users)Mirror1 Mirror2
Chinese (Simplified) Version DownloadMirror1 Mirror2
Chinese (Traditional) Version DownloadMirror1 Mirror2
Spanish Version DownloadMirror1 Mirror2
Russian Version DownloadMirror1 Mirror2
Portuguese (Brazilian) Version DownloadMirror1 Mirror2
Vietnamese Version DownloadMirror1 Mirror2
Thai Version DownloadMirror1 Mirror2
Players can play games with other gamers in the platform, which were originally played by means of LAN. By using this platform, people can connect and play with friends, while enjoying a very good latency. The platform turns the internet into a huge cyber cafe, which enables the players to connect and play games in such a way as they play in LAN.
           Experience Extremely Fast and Lag-less Games
  • Enjoy good latency even for inter-continental connections
  • GG Tunnel: find an optimum indirect connection to the host when direct connection is not good enough
  • GG Anti-Spike: Boost up your gaming experience by eliminating any unwanted lags, delays, and spikes
           Play Hack-free Games Protected by GG Anti–Cheat System
  • No need to worry about playing with cheaters and hackers
  • The system will automatically ban cheaters and hackers who attempt to use hack software
  • Fair competition for quality gaming is what you can get here in GG Client
           Watch World-Class E-Sports Games on GGTV
  • Watch the best players from all over the world in action LIVE on GGTV
  • Missed the live broadcast? Don’t worry, you can still watch the whole match in GGTV
  • It’s so much fun and action-packed here, you wouldn’t want to turn on your television anymore
           Climb up to the top of GG Experience Ladder System
  • Play games, gain GG Experience, and level up
  • Get access on high level rooms, get more unique icons to choose from, and more privileges on GG Client and forum
  • Make yourself known by being 1 of the top in the GG Level Rankings
           Enjoy the Luxury of the Automated War3 1v1 Ladder System
  • Let the system search for an opponent of similar competency level
  • Get the chance to limit the choices of map to those you like and select the ping level selection for your match-up
  • Results from the games will be recorded and tallied into the system
  • Aim for the top 1 in GG 1v1 Ladder System and be recognized
          Form your Own Clan and Compete Against the Rest
  • Create your own Clan and team up with your friends
  • Enjoy private space for your own clan in Client and in forum
  • Enjoy lots of entertaining Clan-related features
  • Compete with other clans and raise your clan’s flag up high
           Chat with your buddies in GG Messenger
  • Add friends to your buddy list and keep in touch with them
  • Enjoy similar experience as that of YM and MSN messenger, send files, chat live, and have fun
  • Send offline messages or mail to them anytime

Customized services for each game.

Enjoy unique services designed for the different supported games in GG Client - War3 TFT Ladder, GG Counter Strike server, DotA Games in GGTV and more!.

Useful tools: ping tool, and on-line translator, etc.

GG Client comes in package with lots of useful tools to enhance your gaming experience including an online translator to aid you communicate with global gamers.

Level system, high level player will take more authority in platform.

Play games in GG Client to earn more experience and level up. High level players will take more authority in platform - access on high-level rooms and more privileges!

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inforceman said:

school buzzz
2 fight is 2 life
January 10, 2009
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MaKuBeX said:

SiR...when i click mirror 1...Server Not Found ANg nalabas bket po?
October 21, 2010
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news said:

January 22, 2011
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brua said:

smilies/angry.gif y appear problem loading page??>smilies/sad.gif
March 07, 2011
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mashkie00 said:

July 20, 2011
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mashkie00 said:

July 20, 2011
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cris said:

can load the download client
January 02, 2012
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poknuyan said:

walal ang
panu po ba gumawa nang pangalan na may kulay sa gg plss.. na po panu po basmilies/cry.gifsmilies/cry.gif
July 30, 2012
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joash said:

panu po magdownload garena?smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gif
August 24, 2012
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wahab said:

October 09, 2012
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