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Warkeys Configuration Guide Custom inentory keys

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Why use warkeys?
This tool gives you the possibility to manage spells and commands withyour left-hand in a bit, and to configure the hotkeys in the way youfeel better! 
You can set the same keys for all heroes with the sameconfiguration.
A must for high level players.
Also you can use your custom inventory keys.

Warkeys is NOT an hack, it's allowed by GGClient, Blizzard and DotA Community

Curtsy of guide by -NiK- visit the the link below for more basic information.

But he only provided the basic introduction of warkeys. I'll tell you how to configure warkeys in few minutes using my own cfg.

1. Download warkeys setup plus my own made cfgs frome here or link given below.

2. Extract warkeys in any folder u desire using winrar. If you don't have winrar download it from here or link given below.

Now there are two steps
  • Using same hotkeys for every hero (that is Q=1st spell, W=2nd spell, E=3rd spell, R=Ultimate spell, Z=Spell improve, S,H,M will remain same)
  • Using custom inventory keys like

Using same Hotkeys for every hero
After extracting the warkeys.rar you'll see 4 files 

Copy Customkeys.txt and  paste it to route of your warcraft(DOTA) folder 

Now run game from Garena or Frozenthrone.exe.
Go to option-->gameplay and enable Customkeyboard shortcuts.

Click here to open new window CTRL+Mouse wheel to zoom in/out

You are done

Using custom inventory keys
Install warkeys.exe given in warkeys.rar (Don't worry it is totally virus and spyware free)
After installation
Run AutoWarkey.exe from desktop or start menu.

Go to file-->open and provide path of autokeys.cfg 
Check "Run my AutoWarkey script at start-up" and click "Save and Run script"

If every thing goes well you will see a small icon on your task bar showing that script is running successfully. 

Note: AutoWarkeys script may not run on Windows 7 but Customkeys will work on all platforms.

For more details and updates on warkey visit it's official website 

Some important notes:
1. I have not copy-pasted any one Else's guide. I mentioned the name where i used others material.
2. I provided my own cfg with warkeys setup. You can edit these, or make your own which suites you best.

This is guide for those he don't know about warkeys or any other customkeys editing software. If you already use one, then please don't compare it with warkeys.

You can point out any error or ambiguous point in the guide, so i can make it right. 
                                                                                                                                                 Thanks Regards 
                                                                                                            Special thanks to "MAkha, rattlesnake.
                                                                                                                                        _K_A_M_ and lallu11"
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boosie said:

how do you start warkeys after you exit it
i have warkeys so it automatically starts when computer starts up but sometimes i try exitting it when im not playing warcraft to try and settle lag down and i always have to restart my whole computer just to get warkeys to run again. what button or whatever do i need to do to start warkeys?
June 09, 2012
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nRG.Low said:

Answer for "how do you start warkeys after you exit it"
Right click on the tray icon for autowarkey (The green ogre), and click “Reload this script”. This will restore your script and everything will work just fine and you can continue with your game.
January 10, 2013
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